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EasyCare® Vehicle Service Contracts and Benefits Provide Extended Warranty Coverage

EasyCare is the leading brand of automotive benefits specifically created to enhance your vehicle buying and ownership experience. EasyCare provides vehicle service contracts (frequently referred to as extended warranties), paintless dent repair, key replacement coverage, maintenance, and more.

Since 1984, EasyCare has served over 7 million customers and is proud to be the ONLY vehicle warranty to be named a MOTOR TREND® Recommended Best Buy and to carry a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

EasyCare has already paid over $2.3 billion in claims on behalf of EasyCare drivers!

EasyCare PlansLove-Your-Car ServicesSince 1984

EasyCare Extended Warranty Plans

EasyCare has four vehicle service contracts that work like extended warranty plans, TotalCare®, StatedCare, PrimaryCare and PowerCare. Each has a different level of repair protection: starting from the basic powertrain coverage plan to our worry-free warranty that covers just about every possible mechanical failure in your car, truck, SUV, or RV.

To determine the best plan for your family, view this Compare Plans chart and see how the plans compare.

EasyCare repair plans and special vehicle coverage.
EasyCare TotalCare vehicle service contract is like an extended warranty for your car, truck, or suv. EasyCare StatedCare vehicle service contract provides extensive car repair coverage for your car, truck, or SUV EasyCare PrimaryCare vehicle service contract gives you protection against breakdowns like an extended warranty. EasyCare PowerCare vehicle service contract provides breakdown protection and repair coverage for your vehicle's major systems. EasyCare DriverCare provides pays your repair bills for covered parts on your leased vehicle. EasyCare offers RV service contracts to provide breakdown protection for covered service for your RV. EasyCare GAP Guaranteed Asset Protection Coverage pays off the balance on your loan or lease if your vehicle is lost to theft or accident. EasyCare offers vehicle service contracts for commercial vehicles like service and delivery trucks.

Love-Your-Car Services

EasyCare Services include Dent Repair and KeyCare.

EasyCare Dent Repair – paintless dent repair that helps restore the value of your car by erasing those unsightly dents and dings and leaving your car looking like new!

EasyCare KeyCare – answers the call if you have been locked out of your home or house, and replaces your keys/fob as well.  It provides additional benefits if needed, including rental car/taxi service and more, so lost keys don’t slow you down.

EasyCare Select – Keep your vehicle looking and feeling like new with our hand-selected suite of EasyCare benefits.

EasyCare Maintenance – Let EasyCare Maintenance, the pre-paid maintenance program of a growing number of dealerships, save you time and save you money with service from a dealership you know and trust.

EasyCare driver benefits include KeyCare keyfob protection, paintless dent repair, and wheel and tire coverage.

Service to Drivers Since 1984

Since 1984, EasyCare® has been helping car, truck, SUV and RV owners enjoy their vehicles every day, no matter how long they own them.

EasyCare is grateful to the more than 7 million customers who have trusted EasyCare with their business.  We look forward to serving you in the years to come!

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EasyCare lets you choose your coverage for vehicles with up to 80000 miles. EasyCare offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, and has paid nearly $2 billion in claims since 1984.

PLEASE NOTE: Our customers commonly refer to EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts as extended auto warranties, car repair insurance, or even breakdown insurance, but they are technically neither warranties nor insurance. They are Vehicle Service Contracts under which EasyCare pays for your covered repairs.