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Best iPod Devices for your Car

Best iPod Devices for your Car

With so many radio stations repeating the same artists and songs hour after hour, driving without your iPod can quickly become a tedious affair. However, many people don’t have auxiliary connections in their cars to easily play their favorite music. Here are some car shopping tips on the best alternative iPod devices to use while driving.

Wireless FM transmitter
One of the easiest to use and most affordable ways to play your iPod is with a wireless FM transmitter. These simple devices plug into your car’s power outlet and connect to the iPod’s headphone jack or dock to broadcast an FM frequency that can be picked up by your car’s radio, according to PopularMechanics.com. However, in many cities the signal can suffer, as it’s in competition with regular radio stations.

FM modulators
If the FM transmitter isn’t your style, consider upgrading to the slightly-more-complex, yet more effective FM modulator. According to HowStuffWorks.com, this device can be plugged directly into the back of your car’s radio and use existing frequencies to transmit music from your iPod.

Cassette adapter
For drivers with an older vehicle featuring a tape deck, a cassette adapter is among the easiest and best solutions for playing an iPod. These are inexpensive to purchase, and you simply insert the tape into your car stereo for a clean and clear sound, according to PopularMechanics.com.

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