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Common Movie Myths about Cars

Common Movie Myths about Cars

Hollywood often looks to car chases as a way to bolster films with white-knuckle action scenes and stylish sports cars. These automotive sequences feature mind-blowing jumps, car crashes and explosions. However, most of these unbelievable movie clichés usually have no basis in reality and perpetuate inaccuracies that some people believe even outside the movie theater. Here are some car travel tips that expose common car chase movie myths.

Shooting out tires
Many films and television shows depict police easily shooting out an escaping criminal’s car tires to stop them without injury. However, modern car tires are designed to be extremely durable – featuring steel bands and advanced rubber compounds that can resist bullets fired from even close range. So, this is likely impossible in real life.

Gas tank explosions
When shooting out tires doesn’t work, some Hollywood features will show cars exploding after taking a shot to the gas tank. But according to the Discovery Channel, this is also an unlikely scenario. A full gas tank often lacks the necessary air to create an explosion when mixed with heat.

Bulletproof doors
During a gunfight, movie police and criminals often duck behind a car door for safety from bullets. While this might seem like an obvious hiding place, most car doors are very susceptible to bullet holes no matter where you hide, according to the news source. While still vulnerable, the best place to hide from bullets is behind car tires.

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