EasyCare offers extended warranty coverage through its vehicle service contracts for Recreational Vehicles.

Extended RV Warranties

An EasyCare® extended RV warranty will help keep your RV on the road longer and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Unlike your home, your RV has a drive train and other mechanical equipment that can require repair. And, just about any repair, whether it’s a refrigerator or a radiator, is expensive (see the RV repair costs chart below). That’s why EasyCare offers the most comprehensive warranty in the RV business. New or used, with an EasyCare RV plan, you are covered from the microwave oven to the satellite dish; the engine to the garbage disposal.

Get RV Coverage

EasyCare RV coverage has two plans, TotalCare and StatedCare, designed for motor homes and towable RVs. See what’s covered in the Compare RV Coverage Plans chart below.

To purchase or get more information about EasyCare RV coverage, contact your dealer, or call 800-230-2434.  You can also download a sample EasyCare RV Service Contract.

Repair Costs Chart

Chassis Cost   Box Cost
Water Pump $479.20   Refrigerator $1,764.95
Air Conditioner Compressor $722.22   Water Heater $835.95
Electronic Control Module $417.78   Air Conditioner Compressor Roof $652.00
Right Side Cylinder Head 1,786.50   Basement $1,032.20
Timing Chain $562.12   Generator $4,599.95
Radiator $1,258.54   Inverter $1,761.45
All Injectors $1,043.16   Awning $1,506.00
      Hydraulic Jack $856.50

Repair Costs were calculated based on RVDA and a national average of $85 per hour for labor.

Compare RV Coverage Plans

  TotalCare   StatedCare
  Motor Home Towable   Motor Home Towable
Component Group          
Drive Axle/Tag Axle Differential      
Pneumatic Suspension      
Air Conditioning Chassis      
Brakes Chassis      
Electrical Chassis      
Electronic Ignition      
Heating/Cooling Chassis      
Fuel Delivery      
Deluxe Appliance Coverage      
Slide Out Room Units      
Hydraulic/Electric Leveling Jacks      
Water Heater  
Waste System  
Fresh Water System  
Air Conditioner (Roof/central)  
Range and Oven  
LP Gas System  
Heating System  
Lift Crank System  
Taxes, Fluids and Freon on Repairs as required  
Auxiliary power plant/Generator  

Included with TotalCare Coverage – Deluxe Appliance Coverage Dishwasher; In-Sink Disposal Unit; Stand-Alone Freezer; Ice Maker; Trash Compactor; Central Vacuum Cleaner System; Under-Counter Coffee Maker; Convection Oven; Washer/Dryer Motor, Gearbox And Heater Unit; Rear Camera Monitor System, VCR, Television(S), Tape Deck(s), C.D. Player(s), AM/FM Radio, TV Antenna, Satellite Dish Motor And Receiver, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Alarm Sensors, Controller And Activation Panel.

HYDRAULIC/ELECTRIC LEVELING JACKS MOTOR Pump/Jack Assembly, Control Unit, Actuators And Sensors, Lines; Fit­tings and Cylinders; Motor, Worm Gear, Tracks, Limiting Switches and Wiring Harness; Fittings and Connections.

SLIDE OUT ROOM UNITS Pump Assembly, Control Unit, Actuators and Sensors, Lines; Fittings and Cylinders; Motor, Worm Gear, Tracks, Limiting Switches And Wiring Harness; Fittings and Connections.

PLEASE NOTE: Our customers commonly refer to EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts as extended auto warranties, car repair insurance, or even breakdown insurance, but they are technically neither warranties nor insurance. They are Vehicle Service Contracts under which EasyCare pays for your covered repairs.