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EasyCare Guaranteed Asset Protection GAP Coverage protects you from financial loss in case of collision loss of your financed vehicle.

EasyCare® GAP Coverage Covers the Gap

What if your car is totaled and the value that your insurance company has placed on your vehicle comes short of the amount you owe on your loan/lease? You are now responsible for the difference, often thousands of dollars (see GAP example below).

A Simple Solution is EasyCare® Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage. GAP coverages offers:

  • Protection that takes away the worry of paying off your loan/lease if your vehicle is in a serious accident and declared a total loss, or stolen and not recovered.
  • Protection that even covers up to $1000 of your insurance deductible!

How to Get GAP Coverage

To receive EasyCare GAP Protection, you simply pay an affordable, one-time fee that can be included in the financing of your car, truck, or SUV (both new and used cars are eligible, and protection must be purchased at time of vehicle purchase). Click here to find an EasyCare GAP dealer.

GAP Example

You owe $14,000 on the loan or lease of your vehicle.  The insurance company has placed a value of $12,000 on your vehicle, and your deductible is $1,000.  After your deductible, you receive $11,000 from the insurance company.  This leaves you with a gap of $3,000 still owed on a vehicle you can no longer drive.

Amount Owed on Vehicle $14,000 Amount left on your loan or lease
Your Insurance Settlement $11,000 $12,000 value less your $1,000 deductible
The Gap $3,000 Amount you still owe on lost vehicle

Be Prepared!

Why take chances with your investment? Enroll in the EasyCare GAP Protection Program when you purchase your vehicle, and avoid the headache of dealing with a low insurance settlement.

In some circumstances (such as past due payments, insurance deductibles in excess of $1000, a delayed insurance settlement or limitations of the plan), EasyCare GAP Protection may not take care of the entire value gap.

For a complete list of limitations, see the debt cancellation waiver addendum/GAP insurance policy/certificate of insurance.

Please also note that the purchase of EasyCare GAP Protection is absolutely voluntary and is not required by the dealer as a condition to receiving a loan.

Subject to terms and conditions of coverage; please see specific coverage plans for full details.

PLEASE NOTE: Our customers commonly refer to EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts as extended auto warranties, car repair insurance, or even breakdown insurance, but they are technically neither warranties nor insurance. They are Vehicle Service Contracts under which EasyCare pays for your covered repairs.