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Parallel Parking Guide – Easy Tips

Parallel Parking Guide - Easy Tips

One aspect of the driver’s license exam has frustrated, terrified and baffled generations of soon-to-be drivers – parallel parking. Even for those who are successful under DMV supervision often never attempt a parallel parking job again, resigning to drive around block after block in search of a more manageable space. However, if you live and drive in an urban area, parallel parking is a necessary part of life and easily completed with just a few car travel tips.

Begin by selecting an appropriate space decently larger than your car. Make sure this space is on the right side of the road, as left-hand parallel parking can be a little trickier for the uninitiated. Signal your intentions with your right blinker and pull up alongside the front car.

Shift your car into reverse, look back over your right shoulder and turn the wheel gradually to the right as you roll backwards. Look out your right window to make sure you don’t bump the car next to you. Once the front car’s bumper is in line with the middle of that window, turn the wheel all the way to the left to straighten out. Ease back into the space, making sure you have enough room to straighten out.

With a few practice sessions, you can be a parallel parking master. Remember that most good parallel parkers work on instinct which they developed while practicing these basic steps.

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