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Typical repair costs for automobiles.

Typical Repair Costs Chart

Just ask yourself, “What would happen to our family budget if any of these parts needed to be fixed?”

Cost of Common Car Repairs
Part Repair Cost
Engine $5,141.00
Transmission $3,676.00
Cylinder Head Gasket $2,122.66
Air Conditioner Compressor $776.45
Electronic Control Module $1,277.54
Fuel Injectors $1,170.34
Radiator $792.47
Timing Chain $1,586.46
Water Pump $696.62
Alternator $863.38

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*Repair costs were calculated using the average cost of repairs for 8 different popular vehicles, based on “Alldata Parts and Labor Guide” and a national average of $90 per hour for labor.

The vehicles used in the calculation are as follows: Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford F150, Toyota Tacoma, Mercedes Benz E350, and BMW 335. Vehicles are model year 2007.

All vehicles and manufacturer’s are registered trademarks of their respective corporations. Alldata Parts and Labor Guide is a registered trademark of Alldata Corporation.

PLEASE NOTE: Our customers commonly refer to EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts as extended auto warranties, car repair insurance, or even breakdown insurance, but they are technically neither warranties nor insurance. They are Vehicle Service Contracts under which EasyCare pays for your covered repairs.