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Simple fixes to things the manufacturer doesn't cover can make a huge difference to your customers and their vehicles. EasyCare Select and Select Plus bundles take care of these aggravating things like tire damage from road hazards, cracked windshield, door dings, fabric tears, lost or damaged key fobs and more. Learn the details of each benefit and how to present Select to your customers so they see the value.

Target Audience: F&I Manager & F&I Directors

10-11 AM


How you present your product menu matters! Everything from how you describe the product, to your body language and how long your presentation takes will affect your outcome. Every “um” in your presentation can cost you $100 in gross profit. Learn to present your menu efficiently, effectively and legally...and see the rewards.

Target Audience: F&I Manager & F&I Directors

2-3 PM

The average F&I Manager executes more legal contracts in one month than the average attorney executes in one year. Have you read the VSC contract—do you REALLY know what is represented and how to disclose it to your customer? In this course we’ll take a deep dive into the VSC coverage.

Target Audience: F&I Manager & F&I Directors

10-11 AM


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Steve Richards is an industry-renowned trainer who works with more than 40 of the nation’s most prestigious retail automotive organizations—many ranked in the top three by their OEMs. His modern sales strategies, transparency, and trust-building skills prepare sales teams to more effectively work with today’s informed and internet-savvy customers. Steve has a wealth of experience in helping dealers streamline their sales processes to make the customer’s purchase experience faster and more fun than the traditional and dated “road to the sale.” Plus, Steve has taught thousands of sales team members to use social media to brand themselves and increase their personally generated traffic. He practices what he preaches—sharing his cutting edge automotive sales strategies and techniques on YouTube, which have been viewed over 12 million times.


Carl Grane has more than 28 years of experience in the automotive industry, including training, financial services, income development and dealership management. As the Director of Training for EasyCare, he oversees all training efforts for our partners and dealers. Carl brings a blended learning approach to the training curriculum by combining our learning management system, live online web training and in-person classroom-style training. His training programs for finance and insurance, sales and fixed operations help dealers create passionate employees and customers for their automotive dealerships.



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